Hitu hitansu aa
Hitu hitansu bb
Hitu hitansu grey aa
Hitu hitansu grey bb
Hitu hitansu polypaint

with polypaint

Hitu hitansu passes

Render Passes

Hitu hitansu zgrab06
Hitu hitansu zgrab01
Hitu hitansu zgrab04
Hitu hitansu grey

high poly screenshot

Hi all,
Presenting my latest personal project to everyone. Attempted a portrait (have been longing to do one) inspired by portrait photography. Also, one of the goal was to explore the skin shader capabilities in keyshot.
Sculpting & texturing (used polypaint) in zbrush; Fibermesh for fur & facial hair., finally used Keyshot to render and wrapped up the post composite in Photoshop.
I used scan file for scarp & used surface-noise(zbrush) for fabric details.
followed reference from (man portrait face Dieter Gutfried | Saxophonist) Pinterest

Hope you all like it

January 9, 2017